WIPO now helps in recovering a .eu domain

There are relevant news about the controversy of the domain names that will cheer up trademark’s owners, often forced to go after the “cybersquatters”.

From June 1, 2017, also the Arbitration and Mediation Center of WIPO, the authority located in Geneva managing at a worldwide level the protection of the intellectual and industrial property, will handle the procedures of .eu domain recovery.

Following a procurement procedure, EURid, the non-profit organization managing the .eu domain names, communicated that also the WIPO Center will deal with the ADR procedures of such domain names and they will be handled in all the 24 EU official languages.

It is a great news allowing to recover the domain names easier and faster.

Unfortunately, the problem of the domain names  abrochment is still very alarming especially if they correspond to famous trademarks and the procedures for their recover are increasingly important and required.

Previously, only the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) dealt with the .eu. Now the owner of a trademark, a commercial name, a business name, or other priority rights willing to question a domain name registered by someone else because of its unlawfulness or because it is considered harmful of its rights, can address the WIPO Center.

As well-known, it is the global leader in the ADR procedures management for the domain name under its competence.

Suffice to say that from 1999 to today the WIPO Center has handled more than 37.000 procedures so it will offer the best expertise and efficiency on the subject.

On the basis of this acknowledged competences, many have already chosen the WIPO Center to solve the controversy concerning the .eu domains.

From June 1, 2017 until today, the WIPO Center took care of nine ADR procedures, one of them related to the “Instagram.eu” domain name which ended in favor of the claimant. The Instagram LLC company obtained the annulment of the domain name in object in a very short time.

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