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Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Do you want to register a trademark in a quick and safe manner?

The registration of a trademark is quicker and more economical than what you think, and it is a necessary action if you believe in your business

Do you think that registering a trademark is expensive and useless? How much could it cost you to promote efficiently your brand to then have it stolen from other companies?

What would have happened if Coca Cola had not registered its trademark? As from the first years of its availability on the market it has suffered innumerable attempts to be copied that were actually counterfeiting attempts: only in 1916 the number of imposters stopped by the courts was 153.

Do you want to file an Italian trademark?

Turini Group - Marchio italiano

We are authorised to file Italian trademarks directly before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.


Do you want to file a European trademark?

Turini Group - Marchio europeo

We are authorized to file European trademarks directly.


Do you want to file an International trademark?

Turini Group - Marchio internazionale

We are authorised to file International trademarks directly before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), and we file applications all over the world thanks to a consolidated network of foreign attorneys chosen on the basis of their specific knowledge so as to satisfy every need.


Our Safe Trademark method

The characteristics of our method that allow you to obtain one or more protection certificates in a quick and protected manner

  1. Each one of our clients is followed directly by a single manager you can always resort to for any need, in such a way so as to have just one interlocutor that knows the whole history of your trademarks
  2. Exam of the identified values
  3. Study of the layout of the trademark to protect
  4. Exam of the client’s commercial needs
  5. Filing of one or more trademarks
  6. Your trademark portfolio will be managed through a specific software (called “Battista”) that will allow you to be always updated on your situation and its evolution

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