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Design registration

Design registration

Do you want to register the design of a product in a quick and economical manner?

TThe design, above all in the last years, has acquired a fundamental role in the success of the products of a company and is a fundamental asset for its growth. Just think of the attention big automobile manufacturers pay to details and aesthetics (design, in fact), well aware of the fact that on them will depend a great part of the success of the car itself.

Is it possible to register the design of a product?

To protect the shape of a product is of strategic importance for a company. Even when the design (design or model) of a product cannot be registered, other forms of protection can be thought, such as the filing of a shape mark (which has acquired an always more important role in the defense against competition)

Do you want to file an Italian design?

Turini Group - Design italiano

We are authorized to file Italian designs directly before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (U.I.B.M)


Do you want to file a European design?

Turini Group - Design europeo

We are authorized to file European designs directly


Do you want to file an International design?

Turini Group - Design internazionale

We are authorized to file International designs directly before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), and we file applications all over the world thanks to a consolidated network of foreign attorneys chosen on the basis of their specific knowledge so as to satisfy every need


Our Unique Design method

The characteristics of our method that allows you to obtain one or more protection certificates in a quick and protected manner

  1. Each one of our clients is followed directly by a single responsible the client can resort to for any need, in such a manner as to have just one interlocutor that knows the whole history of your trademarks
  2. Valorization of the use and of the characteristics of the design for the combination of additional forms of protection that reinforce the defense in a court action
  3. Your design portfolio will be managed by means of a specific software (called “Battista”) that will allow you to be always updated on your situation and its evolution

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