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Patent searches

Before commercializing a product render yourself unassailable

A survey for patentability

In order to assess if the object of the invention that wants to be patented is actually new and innovative, it is advisable to do a prior search to check its uniqueness.

Searches are complex and of different types. At Turini Group we conduct searches on international databases to have, as a result, a list of already existing patents, and advising, if necessary, on the ways to avoid the client having a conflict on the basis of pre-existing rights.
We furnish clients copies of filed patents and we perform checks on the active or inactive status of the patents.

And what if there existed other patents equal to mine?

In case of conflicts, Turini Group, first of all, checks the validity of the third party’s patent by means of a novelty search. If the patent resulted to be valid, it would be necessary to assess if the product that is intended to be launched onto the market violates or not the existing patent (non-infringement opinion). If the answer is negative, the patent application can be filed. If we want to stop the production of an object that we consider infringes our patent, an infringement opinion will be necessary which will tend to highlight the contact points between the third party’s product and yours

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