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Infringement analysis

Has a competitor copied your idea? Discover how to make your rights count and protect yourself in the future

Our commitment to defend your patent

We are specialized in protecting patents, trademarks and designs and in addition to ordinary legal actions we deal with urgent special procedures to obtain in a short time injunctions to prevent the production or the commercialization of goods or the seizure of counterfeit merchandise.

The professionals of Turini Group furnish technical-legal opinions on patentability and infringement or non-infringement opinions in the field of industrial property, copyright and competition. These opinions are very important before starting the commercialization of a product because they serve to check the absence of patents that may obstacle the sale of the product, and they are essential every time observations are received, or are feared to be received, from a third party that is the owner of a patent.
The infringement opinion is articled and comprises two types of check:

  1. Aimed at verifying the force of one’s own patent (if this assessment has not been done yet at the moment of the filing of the patent application itself)
  2. Aimed at assessing if the object realized by the presumed infringer has been realized in such a way as to violate one’s own patent and in this case start the legal process against the infringer.

Our expert opinions can be used in the course of a process and the specialists of the law firm can be designated Party-appointed Technical Consultants (CTP) in a court action, upon the client’s request.

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