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Do you want to file a patent and defend it from all possible attacks?

Over twenty years of experience in the field and we operate worldwide

At Turini Group we handle the filing of patent applications for hundreds of clients in the main 6 technical fields: mechanics, electronics, software, chemistry, cosmetics and the food industry.

We represent clients before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (U.I.B.M), the European Patent Office (E.P.O), the World Intellectual Property Organization (W.I.P.O), filing patent applications (Italian, European and International) on their behalf in all the countries of the world.

Italian patent

Turini Group - Brevetti italiani

We are direct representatives before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (U.I.B.M) for the filing of Italian patent applications


European patent

Turini Group - Brevetto europeo

We are direct representatives before the European Patent Office (E.P.O) for the filing of European patent applications


Brevetto internazionale

Turini Group - Brevetto internazionale

We are direct representatives before the World Intellectual Property Organization (W.I.P.O) for the filing of International patent applications


Safe patent

The characteristics of our method with over the 90% of cases of success

How much would it cost you if the uniqueness of your product was copied by one of your adversaries? Would efforts and investments have been worth anything if your idea was then stolen from you?

It usually happens that the clients that want to file a patent and that contact Turini Group for the first time remain astonished when they come to know that a legal action in the field can be won in even only 2/3 months.
Our clients are mainly companies that need a quick and qualitative execution of the work with the least waste of time. In order to obtain this result, it is necessary to work in a professional manner during the whole proceedings.

A way to do this is to rely on our Safe Patent Method with over the 90% of cases of success. An effective method centered on the assessment of the commercial needs of the client and of the invention, analyzing the patents already in circulation (both active and inactive) to avoid unpleasant situations for the client. After these preliminary phases, we handle the filing of the patent and we flank the client in the phases subsequent to the registration, including the oppositions, the appeals and the nullity actions. The monitoring of the patent continues also after the filing thanks to our software “Battista”.
This is, in brief, how we will proceed to file and then defend your patent:

  • Filing
    We operate to rationalize our client’s time: after the first meeting in the company, in most cases we are already able to follow the whole filing procedure with cross-checks from remote without the need for other meetings with physical presence.
  • Search
    We deal with checking in advance if the object of the invention that wants to be registered as a patent is actually new and innovative. In about twenty days we are able to provide you with a complete picture of the situation and to suggest the best strategy to adopt.
  • Grant
    We provide copies of patents, certified or simple ones, both Italian and foreign ones. The copies of the European or International patent applications can be furnished also in a couple of hours.

Patent searches

Turini Group - Ricerche brevetti

Turini Group specialists are able to do prior novelty searches on the object of your patent in international databases so as to verify its uniqueness to fully protect your idea


Infringement analysis

We are specialized in protecting patents, trademarks, and designs. In addition to ordinary legal actions we deal with urgent special procedures to obtain in a short time injunctions to prevent the production or the commercialization of goods or the seizure of counterfeit merchandise


Please feel free to contact Mario Emmi, Eng.

Mario Emmi

Head of the Patent Department

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