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Personal data protection

Personal data protection

Our procedures for a quick adaptation to legal provisions

Privacy protection has yet become an absolute priority for companies and specialists.

Internet made the protection of our own data and those of our clients much more complex according to the law. In addition to this, there is the difficulty to transfer data abroad which may sometimes happen even without we realise it. It is the case of Facebook or Gmail.
Data exchange with the US is one of the main issues concerning privacy and it risks to weaken overseas commercial relations.

The New European Guidelines regarding personal data protection imposes important changes and forces also foreign countries, especially the US, to adapt to our parameters if they are willing to undertake commercial relations with Europe.
The Guidelines presents simplifications but it also includes the preparation of a new organizational structure which is part of companies and professional offices. New competent figures, such as the Data Protection Officer, new obligations and burdens – to be paid by who deals with datas – are inserted.

The legislation is very complex. We chose precise procedures that allow a fast adaptation to laws regulations.

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