Know How

We value and protect the results of creative and innovative intellectual activities

We assist our customers in the analysis of the requirements for the protection of know-how

We offer consultancy activities in the field of valorizing and protecting know-how and business secrets.

The results of innovative and creative intellectual activities related to the development of industrial products and services are extremely important and must receive attention and protection. Business secrets are indispensable for the competitiveness of businesses and are as important and valuable as patents and other forms of intellectual property rights.

We support companies and businesses with our proven experience in assisting and advising on the most appropriate strategy for protecting the company’s assets, in relation to the features of the specific situation, through the drafting and revision of agreements and contracts in the sector.

  • Adaptation to legislation on know-how and business secrets
    We provide consultancy for the protection of know-how and confidential business information of companies, in accordance with the requirements of national and European legislation on the matter, in particular Legislative Decree no. 63 of 11 May 2018, in force since 22 June 2018, which implemented Directive (EU) 2016/943.
    In particular, we assist our customers in the analysis of the requirements for the protection of know-how provided for by the national and European regulations in force and the security measures to protect our clients, adapted to each specific case and configured to the specific business needs.
  • Assistance in the drafting and revision of know-how contracts
    We are specialized in the editing and revision of:
    – know-how assignment and licensing contracts, mixed contracts.
    – contracts, agreements and arrangements specific to each figure in the company structure.
    – exclusive contracts, non-competition agreements for employees and collaborators of the company.
  • Assistance and legal advice, both ordinary and urgent, in case of illicit acquisition, use and divulgation of know-how.
    We assist our clients in business secret cases.

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Head of the Legal Department

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