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For the careful management of your customers’ data and information

Our firm offers support and legal advice to undertakings in the field of personal data protection.

Our services go from the compliance of the organizational structure to the privacy regulation and, today to the new European discipline, following companies in every step, to the assistance in the event of cases before the Data Protection Authority and Courts.

With the entrance in force of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), the protection of personal data has gained a higher importance and a greater complexity.

The Privacy Code (D. Law 196/2003) listed systematically the measures to adopt for a correct processing whereas the GDPR names exclusively the main points to which the Controller of the processing should take inspiration from and then find automatically the best solution to guarantee the highest protection possible.

It is a significant and also personalized effort because each company has its own needs and peculiarities. Only after an exam of the concrete situation, it would be possible to find a suitable solution aimingat making the legal prescription coincide with the business reality.

  • Privacy Adaptation for Companies
    The European Regulation for Personal Data Protection forces a review of the company organization in order to be in compliance with the GDPR.
    Each company has its own organizational and structural needs which are not always efficient in guaranteeing an adequate protection to the processed personal data.
    Our firm provides support and competence in best facing each phase of this adaptation from the analysis to the writing of the policies for each processing made, to the drafting of contracts ruling the processing performed by the processor of the processing to the verification of the conformity before the chosen processor of the processing by specific business audit.
    Our goal is to unite the fulfillment imposed by the European rule and the business model of the company.
    The protection of data is not a static proceeding, it is dynamic, as a result every undertaking has to review its process on the basis of the decision and changes introduced in the business structure.
    Our firm shoulders the company also on this aspect with specific contracts of assistance shaped on the needs of every client.
  • Training Course
    The regulation considers of primary importance that those processing personal data know the subject and how to process properly and react consciously to emergencies.
    Training courses are a real security measure for the correct processing of data.
    Our firm has a deep experience in having training courses specific for several categories of people: managers, professionals, and other people part of the staff by meetings in the companies or even at distance, with the possibility to have many moments for testing the knowledge.
  • Privacy Adaptation for applications (APPs)
    The development of APPs often involves personal data processing.
    APPs not only ask for the personal data of users but the processing is extended because of the close interaction of the application with the operative system allowing to access to a higher number of data compared to a traditional browser. APPs can collect a great quantity of data from the device and elaborate them to give the user new and innovative services.
    Therefore, the personal data treatment has to be settled immediately to satisfy the GDPR asking for the “protection of data since the planning and the protection for the initial settings”.
    There has to be a proactive behavior of the controllerof the data processing in choosing the technical and organizational measures to adopt to guarantee an adequate protection of personal data.
    Our firm can support you in this since the preliminary phase of “planning”. It is important to evaluate from the beginning the risks implied by the processing and to determine the measures required to adopt to actualize the dispositions and the principles on data protection and guarantee the right of the data subject.
    After the analysis, we could assist you on the preparation of all documents and all policies required to put safely into the market your APP.
  • Legal advice and assistance
    Experience and competence allow us to assist you in any need and decision on personal data protection in any field of interest.
    We offer legal advice in the preliminary phase of evaluation of a project or for the examination of specific or critic situations, we assist our clients in legal cases as well.
    Our office offers legal support and defense in administrative actions such as claims to the Data Protection Authority and in legal actions as active promoter of such actions and also in defense in case it will be necessary to resist to a complaint or a compensation.

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