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Is anyone speculating on your work?

Professionals for the protection of your copyright

Our Group operates in defense of copyright to protect from plagiarism creative works (literary, musical, photographic, cinematographic), including drawings, graphics, and website texts.

When an industrial product is realized it is not difficult to indicate immediately its producer or engineer. Things are very different when what we have realized concerns the field of art and creativity.
Turini Group files applications before the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) and the various offices that need to be contacted to see the paternity of the work recognized (and therefore protected).
Our Group operates in defense of copyright, furnishing legal opinions also on the possibility of free use of the works, helping the client make the correct choices and avoid unexpected situations.

How unpleasant would it be if you founded that your novel was published after years on a paid website without your consent and maybe, even worse, another person claimed paternity over it?

Unfortunately, it is more frequent than you think.

At Turini Group we look after the drafting of ad hoc contracts (assignment of rights, licences, authorisations), conscious of how important it is for an author to put in writing the rights that are acquired and the rights that are assigned.

Please feel free to contact Chiara Morbidi, Esq.

Chiara Morbidi

Head of the Legal Department

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