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Do you want to grant a license or to assign a trademark?

Our experience at industrial property’s disposal

The contract is the most important part of any business.

To have a good idea, be optimal professional and stipulate a terrible contract with one’s own clients puts seriously at risk one’s own projects.

Do you have an idea of how many inventors have let their own patent lapse because they had stipulated an unsatisfactory license contract that has not allowed them to cash the right royalties?

We can help you right from the phase of negotiations for assignment and license contracts, at national and international level, whose object is patents, trademarks, and know how.

We also deal with contracts of authors, artists, interpreters, and executors, and we defend the artists’ rights also in connection with the illegal use of their works on the Internet.
In contracts that concern industrial property it is often necessary to arrange an adequate “due diligence”, which is a technical exam capable of establishing the value of the title on the basis of specific parameters of technical-juridical and financial nature.

Due diligence is essential for:

  1. Extra-ordinary operations (conferments, assignments or acquisitions of companies and businesses, mergers);
  2. Incorporation of new companies finalized at using trademarks or patents and fund raising for start-ups;
  3. Operations of innovative financing on intangibles (leaseback on trademarks and patents, grant of intangibles as a guarantee of bank financing);
  4. Grant of licences to third parties, calculation of the value of the royalties;
  5. Writing of balance sheets with adoption of the Ias accounting principles.

Due diligence is performed both from a technical-juridical point of view and from the economic and financial point of view.

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