Turini Group - Difesa legale

Legal defense

A task force of professionals to defend the rights of your ideas

For over 20 years avantgarde and innovation against infringement

We assist our clients in infringement actions in the field of industrial property, copyright and competition

We have developed a method of ours and an avantgarde software to help companies and creative people to best give value to the result of their genius and to assure one’s own business also thanks to a series of conciliation and conflict resolution procedures by administrative means or as an alternative to the lawsuit.

We are specialists in Internet domain name recovery

Counterfeiting actions

Turini Group - Cause di contraffazione

We are experts in industrial penal law and customs protection. We have developed a series of parallel procedures directed to the conciliation and resolution of conflicts by administrative means or as an alternative to the lawsuit



Turini Group - Contratti

Turini Group deals with Intellectual Property (IP), and therefore licences, co-existence, franchising, and confidentiality agreements, software development and international distribution contracts, etc. We completely assist our clients during the contract being part of the negotiations and being at the side of our client from the very beginning to the signing of the agreement. We deal with several types of contracts: * Patents and Trademarcks licence contracts * Software licence and Copyright contracts * Patents and Trademarcks transfer contracts * Coexistence agreement * Confidentiality contracts (NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement) * Know How contracts



Turini Group - Diritto d'autore

Our Group operates in defense of copyright to protect from plagiarism creative works (literary, musical, photographic, cinematographic). Copyrigh concerns not only important works of art, it includes every sort of of creation such as websites,comics, pictures and graphics.

We effectuate this type of deposit at SIAE and other institutions aimed at proofing who is the author of a certain work and at defending their rights in the courthouse.

Copyright lasts for the whole life of the author plus 70 years after his/her death.

Thus, it is necessary be very careful in using someone else’s work. We provide our opinion on work’s usableness, helping our clients to make the right choices and to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Contracts are far more important in this delicate field where it is good to write which right have been bought or transfered.


Data Protection

For each corporate asset is essential the analysis and constant updating of data, so our specialists will assist you in the appropriate management and protection of data in accordance with European regulations.


Know How

We offer advice on the safeguarding, valorisation and protection of know-how and business secrets.