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Have you conceived a Software and you would like to ensure the paternity over it?

We have been protecting your software for 15 years

Since 2001 we have been dealing with software protection both as a work of art and as a technical invention for companies around the world in the fields of digital data, electro-medical apparatuses and domotics. Today, with Internet’s exponential diffusion, plagiarism is very diffused on the Internet.
At Turini Group we have registered tenths of software and we are aware of the fact that the information around this issue is very vague and prone to generate confusion. Below are some clarifying points on this:

  • Software patent
    The software can be patented only when it performs a “technical function” , therefore it is necessary to carefully assess if the programme developed can obtain this type of protection. The patent allows to protect the functions of the software independently from the code in which it is written and therefore it guarantees a greater protection. Basically, what is protected is the flow chart of the functioning of the programme.
  • Software copyright
    When the software is not patentable, or in addition to the protection offered by the patent, it is possible to protect it resorting to copyright. It is a less strong protection because it mainly protects the code of the programme, but it is anyway a good protection, easily cited in a court action in case the whole programme or a part of it is copied.

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