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Domain name recovery

Have you lost your domain name or has it been stolen from you in an illegal manner?

Specialists in domain name recovery from the early nineties

The long experience accumulated and the great number of cases treated, made Turini Group a point of reference for whoever intends to defend his/her online trademark and react to cybersquatters.

The aim is to preserve and defend also on the internet the exclusive use of a trademark.

We propose and adopt all the possible defenses in order to prevent competitors to use business trademarks as keyword or inside social network or as adwords.

But in order to win a procedure of resignation, some requirements must be fulfilled. In the specific:

  • Who wants to recover the domain should own a trademark before to the date of registration of the domain at hand;
  • The name of the domain that we want to recover must be registered with malice;
  • The one who registered the domain should not have a right or a legitimate interest upon that name.

If these requirements are lacking one may chose between different strategies or address to a courthouse. For example, the disposition of a case may be useful when, besides the recovering a domain, one wants to obtain a reimbursement.

It is worthy to remember that causes today are extremely lighter thanks to the entrance in force of the Code of the Industrial Property which handle them as business signs.

Our Domain Recovery Method

Our solution with the 99% of solved cases

In order to recover a domain name usurped by a third party, in a short time and at reduced costs, our method uses a series of special procedures and instruments of re-assignation different from ordinary lawsuits: we address directly the entity authorized by the Register of .it domain names, which issues a decision within a couple of months without the need to resort to a court, avoiding all the expenses and the delay that this would imply. We are able to recover domain names with a lot of last parts, among which .it, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .tel, .mobi, .info, .biz, .tv, and always by administrative means we are able to recover many national domain names of any state (.cn, .es, .mx, etc.).
In order to win a re-assignation procedure, however, some requisites must be present. It is necessary, for instance, that the counterparty has registered the domain name that it has taken possession of in bad faith and that we want to recover.
When these premises lack, different strategies can be chosen or we can resort to a court. To initiate a court action can be useful, for example, when in addition to the recovery of the domain name, compensation for damages wants to be obtained.

It is worth remembering that court actions on domain names are extremely simpler thanks to the entering into force of the Industrial Property Code, which expressly contemplates them as company signs.

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